Route & Support

ScenicDay 1: Starting at The Kanc Lodge, participants will ride through the resort town of Lincoln, NH and take a right onto the Route 3 Bypass. Take another right at Route 3 (by Clark’s Trading Post). Riders can take a break at the Flume Visitor’s Center and pick up Recreation Trail at the north end of the parking lot. When the trail ends, beyond Cannon Mountain, (FIRST CHECK POINT) turn right onto Route 3 North. Take a right in Twin Mountain, NH onto Rt. 302 east. Stop at the Crawford Notch Depot (SECOND CHECK POINT) for a snack and restroom break.

Riders will cruise downhill into the town of Bartlett, NH. Stay on Route 302 through Intervale and Conway. In North Conway, take a left after Joe Jones (at the light) onto Kearsarge Road and the next right (at the railroad tracks) onto North South Road. Turn right into Settler’s Green and the North Conway Grand Hotel – riders will join up with the three day crew for dinner.

Day 2: Travel on Route 302 east. Continue straight at the junction of 302/16 onto Route 16 south. Take a right onto East Side Drive and bear right after the covered bridge. Take a right onto West Side Road. Take a left onto Passaconway Road. This becomes Dugway Road in Albany. After the covered bridge, take a right onto the Kancamagus Highway, Rt. 112 west. Riders will break at Sugar Hill Overlook (on the right) before climbing the Kanc.  Riders will coast downhill and take a right onto Pollard Rd. and a left into the Kanc Lodge parking lot in Lincoln.
For day one, this option will NOT have on-the-road support. Riders will check in at two check points and then again once they get to the North Conway Grand. There will be a ‘sweep’ vehicle in case of emergencies, but cyclists should be prepared to ride this option on their own or with a team.*

For safety’s sake, riders will have until 5pm to complete the route of the day. If this is not possible, riders will be provided with transportation to the day’s destination.

Day two will have on-the-road support. Northeast Passage vehicles, staff, volunteers and medical personnel will be on the road for the entire day. On day two, participants should be prepared for the challenging climb up the Kancamagus Highway. Northeast Passage staff and volunteers WILL NOT push handcyclists beyond Sabbaday Falls on the Kanc. The road becomes very narrow and it is difficult and unsafe to do so. If a participant feels they are going to need support on the Kanc., they can be pulled by their own tandem team. If they do not have a personal tandem rider or if they are unable, participants will ride to the top in the NEP safety vehicle.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to bring your own support team and vehicle, we ask that your team keep safety in mind at all times…both for you, other riders and the general public/other vehicles. This area of the White Mountains can be quite busy and sometimes makes these arrangements difficult. We ask that you avoid towing a trailer if at all possible. Drivers should ONLY pull off the road in a locaton that is completely safe to do so. There are plenty of parking lots and pull-outs along the route. Do not use road shoulders or other unsafe locations to sit and wait…and if you must, please pull completely off the road. We also ask that drivers give our riders a safe distance and do not follow close behind. Thank you for your cooperation with this! We appreciate your understanding.