Event FAQ’s


1. Will I be able to complete this ride?

If you are riding consistently over the summer – including varied terrain, especially hills, and weather conditions, you should be able to complete the ride.

As a general rule, you should assess yourself based on these guidelines:

Three Dayers: You should be able to ride 20 miles (in one day) with hills
Two Dayers: You should be able to ride 40 miles (in one day) with hills

These are merely guidelines. Please listen to your body and ride according to your comfort level.

2. Can I meet you along the way and ride part of the route (or one of the days) with you?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate participants who wish to sign up for part of the event (or make changes to the itinerary). We require that all participants stay with the group for the duration of the event. We encourage you to commit to, and prepare for, one of the options offered. We appreciate your understanding.

3. Could your staff (or a volunteer) drive my car to one of the destinations so that I can ride part of the route with you?

No. Due to the size and nature of this event, we cannot provide transportation or drive participant’s vehicles at any point during the weekend.

4. Can my {insert friend or family member here} meet us for a night along the way?

Yes. HOWEVER, Northeast Passage provides double occupancy accommodations exclusively for riders. Family and friends, who aren’t riding and wish to stay at the same hotels as the group, must make their own separate reservations directly with the hotel and must cover that cost. If any rider wishes to not room with the group, they are responsible for their own expenses and must notify Northeast Passage (in advance) so that a space is not set aside. Failure to notify us could result in additional charges.

5. Do you allow participants to ride with a bike trailer/child seat with a child(ren) in tow? What are your age requirements for participation?

At this time, we do not allow participants to ride with young children in tow (in bike trailers or on child bike seats) due to the nature of the terrain – we ride on busy roads with narrow shoulders and there are some fast down hills – and the nature of our overnight accommodations.

We require that all riders are 12 years or older by event day. Children under 18 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times and they must pay/fundraise the minimum registration fee. Please keep the mileage and terrain in mind when deciding to ride with your child! We do not have the means to transport parent and/or child if they are unable to complete the ride. Please contact us if you have additional questions or concerns.

6. What’s all this talk about rail road tracks?

We’re glad you asked! Because there are a number of rail road tracks along the route – some that are diagonal – we are requiring people to “put a foot down” and avoid a trip to the hospital. In 2008, we made three (yes, 3) trips to the emergency room. In an effort to avoid this ever happening again we ask (for two wheel bikers) that you unclip from your pedals and put a foot down until you are safely across the tracks. We’re serious. A fall and resulting injury can happen to anyone….even you.

7. Is all lodging and food provided?


8. Are the hotel rooms wheelchair accessible?

Yes. All of Northeast Passage’s events are accessible – this includes all lodging.

9. I have dietary restrictions. What do I do?

As long as we are notified at least 1 week prior to the event, we will make sure to have appropriate food choices on hand for you. You are always welcome to bring your own snacks and anything else you prefer and we will make sure you have access to it. If we are not notified, we cannot guarantee that there will be food you can eat.

10. Do we leave our car for the weekend and will it be safe?

Yes. For three day riders, you will park your car in Lincoln for the duration of the weekend. It will be safe in the lot (the staff of the hotel will keep an eye on it).

11. Can I charge expenses to my room at the hotels?

No. We ask that you pay for any personal expenses incurred at the hotel. This includes food and alcohol purchases, room service, telephones and movies. Northeast Passage pays all hotel bills and, as this is a fundraising event for us, we cannot be responsible for paying your personal charges. If charges are made to your room, you will receive a bill after the event.

12. Do you still ride in the rain/snow/wind/sleet?

Yes! We will ride rain or shine. Please dress appropriately for the weather – this includes warm clothes and a bright colored outer layer. We do not have the means to transport people back to the final destination due to poor weather conditions. Please plan accordingly.

13. Where is the best place for spectators to watch/catch up with me along the route?

This event is NOT a race so there really isn’t a whole lot to “watch” and we do not have designated spectator areas, but we have had family members who want to cheer their rider on along the way. First and foremost, we ask you to do so with safety in mind. Please be mindful of other vehicles, riders and pedestrians. Please pull into a designated parking lot (as opposed to idling on the road shoulder)… There are plenty of “scenic pullouts” along the entire 100 mile loop. You can see your rider at any of the checkpoints or start/finish areas, the Flume parking lot, any of the lots along the Kancamagus Highway (particularly the height of the land) and anywhere in between.