Weather Policy

We will ride, rain or shine! The only way this event will be cancelled or postponed is in the event of thunder and lightning or other extreme weather conditions. Cyclists should prepare to ride in the rain -this means bringing along rain gear (including a bright colored jacket, vest or shirt). The Northeast Passage staff will keep all riders up to date on the plans for the day, according to the weather forecast. The schedule may be altered, due to inclement weather.

If it is raining, beware of wet railroad tracks! If a rider hears thunder or sees lightning, they should make every effort to get themselves to a safe place immediately. If you are near a checkpoint, either stay or return to the closest one. Sweep drivers will stop at each checkpoint and will make sure everyone is accounted for on the road.

Northeast Passage does not have the means to SAG people back to North Conway in the case of inclement weather.