Here’s  a sampling of what our riders are saying…

“After 2 months of hemming and hawing and in-decision and watching the long range weather forecasts for the weekend I made a last minute decision to participate in this past weekends century ride on Saturday.

What an awesome event.

You all did an absolutely amazing job of planning, organizing and supporting this ride. The tasks that you undertook to accomplish such a well supported and organized event were amazing.

You clearly left no detail un-accounted for; from feeding, to check-in, to cue sheets, to safety…  and the volunteers out on the course, in vehicles, motorcycles, and at the check-points were TOTALLY AWESOME!

Thank You!  Looking forward to next year…”

“I’d have to go back decades to find a day that I had more fun…”

” Over the past ten years, I’ve ridden in many fundraising rides here in Maine and I can honestly say that Saturday’s ride was, hands down, the most scenic, exhilarating and just plain fun century ride I’ve ever done.  In fact, I was almost disappointed when it ended (note – almost).  The route was well marked and the course was equally challenging and rewarding.  The rest stops were spaced perfectly and all volunteers were cheerful and helpful.

Some of my friends thought I was crazy to travel so far to take part in this ride (N. Conway is a bit over 7 hours away from where I live) but I was inspired by the video on your website.  The energy came through and I knew it was a cause worth supporting.  It was definitely worth the drive and I hope to return next year (with friends!!).”

“The ride was one of the best organized/well-run rides I’ve ever done.  All the volunteers were very friendly and helpful.  The rest stops were awesome and the signage made it very easy to follow the course.”

“All we had to do was eat, sleep and ride.”

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a well thought out, well organized, and overall, very wonderful century ride today. I was so impressed with the attitudes of every staff member and volunteer I encountered, and the great job marking the route, and the support given to every single rider.”

“Typical of NEP events, and the overall culture of NEP, the event was amazingly seamless in blending athletes of differing abilities to have a shared, fun experience in support of a good cause. By differences I mean not only disabilities, but differences in physical condition, type of bike, and experience as a rider – it is not every event where the folks who do centuries regularly are mixed without incident with those whose bikes should be hauling groceries! Some of the ways this was facilitated are obvious – the different options, for example. Some are less obvious, but no less important – choosing a hotel with no obvious barriers, and a pool that everyone could use. Having a buffet dinner in a room large enough that us wheelchair users could get our food and get back to the table without asking everyone to move. Even being assigned a regular hotel room and knowing that someone else already knew it would work out just fine.

For me as a person with a disability, this is what it means to have a relaxing weekend away – knowing that someone else who gets it has done all of the planning. I had the dad of another person in a wheelchair remark to me that usually when he sees a woman in a wheelchair it is his daughter, and that it was pretty cool for that not to be the case for a weekend. I know it was really cool for my dad, who has less experience with disability, and even my son, who has better chair skills than most chair users, to be in a place where everything was considered “normal”. And, of course, it is great to be able to have fun and be giving back to NEP, rather than just using your resources!”

“It is always fun for me to ride with an interesting and diverse group of cyclists.”