Technical Info

To assist you with training, planning and preparing for the ride, we have assembled the following information. Please let us know if you need more information or if you have ideas for content that might be helpful to others.

Route Maps

Entire Route– Map My Ride
Entire Route – VeloRoutes.Org (best for uploading to GPS). Not segmented out by day.

Please note: These maps do not include the Recreation Trail in Franconia Notch (the map defaults to I-93, we will NOT be riding on the interstate). Also, the mileage does not add up to 100 because of the trail.

Franconia Notch Recreation Trail information

The route will be marked with red and white signs. You will be provided with turn by turn directions on event day.

Route Grades

The steepest part of the ride (sustained climb) is the 4-5 miles leading to the summit on the Kanc (starting at about mile 22 when starting from North Conway), which is around an 8% grade. There are parts of the Franconia Bike Trail that are also quite steep.


Obviously, gearing recommendations depend on the individual rider. Recreational riders will want standard road triple cranks. Stronger riders should do well with 39×27 or 39×25 double crank gearing.

Handcyclists will do well with standard manufacturer triple ring mountain bike gearing (28 x 34). Internal hub bikes (7 speed) should be equipped with a Mountain Drive to accomplish hills



North Conway, NH: 525 Feet
Kancamagus Pass (height of the land): 2855 Feet
Lincoln, NH: 811 Feet
Franconia Notch Bike Trail: 2,000 Feet (Top Elevation)
Crawford Notch Depot: 1,900 Feet

Traveling to the White Mountains?

If you’re traveling and don’t want to pack your bike, check Rhino Bike Works in Plymouth, NH for rentals.